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Welcome to Mr. Marchand's website. Included are web pages for each course taught. Each website has a link with the syllabus. 

The website
includes the Text and Objectives for each class.

The syllabus contains the quarterly objectives for the class. It is also a daily guide and it includes daily homework. It is updated weekly to reflect
the topics covered, the objectives, and the assessments.

The website for each class also contains a link with the Assessment Calendar, which includes tests, scheduled quizzes, a calendar for projects, and a calendar for research papers. There is also a page and tentative calendar for those students participating in the Local, State and National History Day program.

There are also resources for other classes, especially Social Studies. Lastly, there are links to the many activities of Model United Nations.

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Instructional Websites

History Day Links

History Day!  

Seton Keough History Day Projects

3. Click Here for the Essay Writing Tip Page

4. Click Here For Peer Review Worksheet

 Activity Links for the 2020 School Year

1. Model UN

Other Websites Of Interest

The World

1.  CNN


3.  Fox Network

4.  ESPN

5. National Polls
St. Vincent Pallotti High School

1.  Pallotti Home Page

2.  Athletics

3.  School Closings

4.  S.A.T. Question of the Day

5.  About St. Vincent Pallotti
Interesting History Links

1.  Today in History - Library of Congress

2.  HistoryNet Question of the Day

3.  Today in History - The History Channel

4.  History Channel - Today's Schedule

5.  History Place Speech of the Week

6.  HistoryNet Amazing site, lots of links  to resources.

7.  National History Day

Catholic Resources

1. Archdiocese of Washington

2. Archdiocese of Baltimore

3. Minute Meditations

4. Saint of the Day

St. Jude

6. St. Maxmillian Kolbe

7. Saint Mother Theodore Guerin

Many of the History Links and Catholic Resources courtesy of  Mr. Michael Rauer, History teacher and Model UN moderator extraordinaire at Bishop Ireton High School, Alexandria Va.

Mr. Marchand's Former Social Studies Course Resources

Mercy HS Model Diplomats

Mercy HS Government

Mercy HS World Cultures                 

Mercy HS AP US History 1, 2, and 3

Honors US History

Government Links

Government (Honors) Links
International Studies Links

Latin American Studies Links

Middle Eastern Studies Links

Asian Studies Links



Academic and Research Paper Resources

Research Guide for Students (Includes Plaigarism Checker!) How to guide on writing papers

Son of Citation Machine Correctly formats citations

PaperRater This resource checks your paper for grammar errors and plaigarism

Assemblee Allows "meetings" in the same network

Field Notes LT Take notes, attach pictures and links

MLA Guide Self Explanatory!

Evernote Helps you keep research resources together

Mendeley Online reference manager

All these applications are free as of 7/3/2013. Please inform
Mr. Marchand if the status changes.

Updated 8/25/2023

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